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Innovation Pavilion

Where collaboration between students and industry transforms challenges into solutions. Engineering companies set the stage by presenting real-world problem statements challenging student teams guided by dedicated industry mentors to apply their theoretical skills for crafting innovative solutions.

These student-industry synergetic solutions will be showcased at the Chemtech World Expo Exhibition
area, where a distinguished Jury panel interacts with the teams. The culmination sees the acknowledgment
and celebration of the top three solutions at Chemtech Student Awards.

Industry Defined Problem Provided by

How it Works?

Industry-Defined Challenges: Engineering companies present real-world problem statements.

Mentor-Guided Solutions: Student teams collaborate with industry mentors to develop inventive solutions.

Exhibition Display: Solutions are showcased at Chemtech World Expo Exhibition area.

Jury Interaction: A distinguished panel engages with student teams, evaluating their solutions.

Awards: The top three solutions receive recognition and awards from Chemtech.

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